5 Advantages of Making Payments with QR Code

Do you often transact offline , but want to be practical without having to use money or even a card? Now, QR Code Payment or Quick Response Code Payment is here as a solution. QR Code is a payment system without money or cards, the way it works is by scanning the code. These codes are usually in the form of dimensions.

In the development of digital banking  that provides a QR Code, payment with a QR Code is a practical way of making transactions so that things become easier, safer and faster. That way, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring money or cards. The cardless trend has become a lifestyle, especially for the millennial generation.

The presence of this QR Code certainly brings benefits to its users. The following are the benefits that you will get if you make a payment using a QR Code.

Practical, Just Armed with a Smartphone
Nowadays, smartphones are always in our hands and are objects that are always close to us. Smartphones are also mandatory items that need to be taken when traveling to do various things, such as shopping, going to the office, hanging out with friends or family, and so on.

These activities certainly require us to make transactions, both when taking transportation, paying for products or services, or for other matters. The transaction will be easier if you use a QR Code because you only need to scan the code available at each merchant .

In order to have a QR Code, you need to know how to register for m banking to access mobile banking . The reason is, payments with QR Code will be made with the digital banking application .

Easy and Saves Time
With one scan through the features in the digital banking application , your transaction activities become easier. You don’t need to bother looking for an ATM machine to withdraw cash. You also don’t need to bother calculating the nominal amount to be paid.

Besides being easy, you will also save time because you no longer need to look for a debit card or money in your wallet. You also don’t need to swipe or tap the card, including no need to wait for change and recalculate it, which of course takes time. 

Lots of Attractive Promo Offers
Because this one payment system is relatively new among the people of Indonesia, the QR Code needs to be socialized in a very attractive way. One of the strategies given is to offer discounts and cashback for its users. These promos are massively stirred up so that more and more people will benefit from using the QR Code and digital banking , starting from the easy way to register for m banking to practical transactions.

Guaranteed Security System
Even though it is fairly easy to use, QR Code payments are relatively safe. The principle used by the QR Code is almost the same as the account balance transfer activity. You are still asked to press the pin when making a transaction. In fact, there are also m-banking applications that use the finger print feature so that the application cannot be accessed by other people.

Because the payment is online, the flow of funds in and out will be recorded properly by the digital banking system . Therefore, if you find an unusual transaction in your account, you can complain to the digital banking service provider . 

QR Code Payment with QR Pay from PermataMobile X
After reading the explanation above, it is clear that payment using this method makes it easy for your daily transactions. As a PermataBank customer, you can enjoy this convenience through the QR Pay feature available on the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application . This feature can be used at all merchants equipped with the QRIS QR Code. Without a card and without the need to fill in an e-wallet, payments can be made directly from your account.

Permata Mobile X is here to support your lifestyle, from the easy way to register for m banking to transactions with hundreds of features. Download the Permata Mobile X application right now through the App Store or Play Store!