5 Advantages of Mutual Funds as Investment Instruments for Beginners

Today, investment is an important activity. The concept is the same as saving, investment requires us to set aside money and put it in investment instruments, of which there are many types. One of the most discussed investment instruments is mutual funds. The reason is, these investment instruments are said to be suitable for beginners who are just starting to invest.

Are you one of those who are just starting out investing? If so, there’s nothing wrong with trying mutual funds as your first investment instrument. Know what investments are like and the advantages of mutual funds by reading the following explanation!

What are Mutual Funds?
Mutual funds are one of the investment instruments that are suitable for beginners. This investment instrument uses the services of an investment manager, so investment participants only need to think about how to set aside some money. Apart from that, you can start investing in mutual funds with a relatively small amount, namely IDR 100,000.

Interestingly, mutual fund investments can also be done without you having to leave the house. In the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , for example, you can make investments whenever and wherever you are. Of course this will greatly save your time and energy. Apart from having an easy way to register for m banking , Permata Mobile X is also easy to use, including investing, even for those of you who are doing it for the first time.

There are various types of mutual funds. The four most popular types of mutual funds are money market, fixed income, mixed, and stock funds. Each type of mutual fund has its risks and benefits. It’s best not to put your money in just one pocket, but distribute it evenly to every existing investment instrument.

Advantages of Mutual Funds
As explained above, mutual funds have several advantages as investment instruments that are suitable for beginners. Here are five advantages of mutual funds that we have summarized.

  • Does not Require Large Initial Capital
    Starting to invest in mutual funds does not require large capital, so anyone can try this investment instrument. The minimum fund needed to invest in mutual funds is IDR 100,000. Cheap, right?
  • Already Diversified
    The next advantage that mutual funds have is that they are diversified. How does that mean? One unit of mutual funds owned will be invested by investment managers in various instruments, from stocks to bonds. So, by creating just one type of mutual fund, you can already invest money in various investment pockets. Interesting, huh?
  • The Investment Process Is Very Easy
    Mutual fund investment can be done easily because now many have provided investment facilities on their platforms. One application that offers mutual fund investment facilities is Permata Mobile X. This mobile banking application owned by Permata Bank provides hundreds of features, ranging from savings, current accounts, credit cards, loans, QR Pay, to investments. Starting from only IDR 100,000, you can start investing anytime and anywhere with the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application .
    Immediately activate your Permata Mobile X mobile banking and start investing without leaving the house. For those of you who don’t have the Gems app yetMobile X , don’t worry because at the end of this article there will be information on how to register for PermataBank’s m banking .
  • Managed by an Investment Manager
    As explained above, money invested in mutual fund investment instruments will be managed by an investment manager. Thus, your investment is guaranteed to be safe and generate good profits. This of course makes it easier for you as a beginner who doesn’t understand how to buy and sell stocks and analyze the market independently. The risk of experiencing a loss is also lower.
  • Relatively Easy Disbursement
    The next advantage of mutual funds is the relatively easy process of disbursing funds. To withdraw your mutual fund unit, you only need to sell it again and the money from the sale will automatically enter your account. The time needed to withdraw the funds is approximately two days. So, you don’t have to wait long to reap what you’ve planted so far.

Those are five benefits of investing in mutual funds. Make sure you use cold money to invest. Of course, don’t forget to use the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application  from Permata Bank to make your investment transactions easier anytime and anywhere. Permata Mobile X is the flagship mobile banking application from Permata Bank which is equipped with hundreds of features to make your banking transactions easier. For those of you who don’t have Permata Mobile X , download it immediately via the App Store or Play Store and follow the steps to register for Permata Mobile X  m banking as follows:

  • Open the app, select ‘start’
  • If you already have a PermataBank account, select “yes” in the question “Do you have a PermataBank account?” 
  • Vice versa, select “no” for the question “Do you have a PermataBank account?” You will be directed to PermataStore to open an account first
  • Select “no” for the question “Do you have a Permata Mobile X user ID ?”
  • Choose whether you will register using an account number or credit card
  • Follow the next instructions until it’s finished and your user ID can be used