6 Preparation for Long Distance Traveling by Own Car

During the Covid-19 pandemic like now, maintaining health is something that must be done. One way is to avoid crowds and keep your distance. It’s normal when you have to travel far, some people think of driving their own car so they can reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus. If you are one of those who have the same thoughts, make sure the preparations for traveling by car are really thorough so that the journey remains safe and comfortable to the destination. What should you do?

Check the Overall Condition of the Car
Before leaving for a long trip by car, make sure that you have checked the overall condition of the car. Also make sure the tire pressure is right and tire replacement equipment is available in the car. The condition of the lights and horn also needs to be checked. If necessary, take the car to the nearest repair shop for a tune up . All of these steps are intended so that the car does not experience problems during the trip, considering that you have to drive far and will definitely test the condition of the engine.

Enough Sleep Before Departure
Drowsiness is the driver’s biggest enemy. This is because many accidents have occurred due to drowsy drivers. To prevent this, make sure you get enough sleep before leaving in preparation for a trip with stamina.

Getting enough sleep will help you restore your stamina so that you are more fit and ready when you have to drive far. Remember, it’s not just the quantity of sleep that you have to pay attention to, but the quality you also need. Sleeping too long will actually make the body sluggish and not excited.

Bring Letters and Equipment
Check your luggage again, whether important documents such as SIM and STNK are already in it. Also, make sure there is a first aid kit in the car that might be needed at a critical time. Equipment such as screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches also need to be brought in case there is a problem with the car. Also make sure you have an emergency number that can be contacted if something happens to your car.

Bring Sufficient Snacks and Mineral Water
Lack of body fluids often causes loss of concentration which can be fatal for drivers. Therefore, in preparation for traveling, bring enough mineral water and place it close to the driver’s seat. Occasionally when your lips feel dry, sip a little mineral water to relieve them.

Bringing snacks can also be a solution when sleepy. The reason is, chewing effectively eliminates drowsiness. Make sure the snacks you enjoy are easy to hold so they don’t distract you from driving.

Don’t Push Yourself When You’re Tired
Even though it looks like you’re just sitting in the car, driving is still tiring. This fatigue is especially dangerous for long-distance drivers. When the body is tired, the brain will send signals to rest. Without realizing it, you will be in a state of micro sleep , a condition where you can fall asleep briefly and suddenly in less than 30 seconds. At high speed, of course this will be very fatal.

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Maintain Health Protocols during a Pandemic
Always apply health protocols wherever you are. Even though you may be around an environment that ignores health protocols, make sure to keep wearing a mask and keep your distance. Remember, the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over and the risk of transmission is still high.

Avoiding public transportation by traveling in your own car does help you to minimize the transmission of Covid-19. Of course with solid traveling preparations, your trip will always be memorable. That way, long distance travel will not be felt. One thing to remember, obey traffic signs and maintain health protocols wherever you are. Happy traveling, be careful on the road!