6 Safe Tips to Buy Ideal Items with Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans or KTA are often used as an option when you want to buy a dream item without the need to provide any guarantee. Unsecured loans also don’t take much time to liquidate. Pretty interesting, right?

Even so, you still have to be careful when applying for a loan. Because, a miscalculation not only makes it difficult for you to pay it off, but also loses the dream item that you have been fighting for. Then, how is it safe to buy your dream item with a loan without collateral?

Submit a KTA Loan as Needed
Never just apply for a nominal loan without taking into account your needs. Banks generally do provide a high ceiling. However, why borrow up to the maximum figure if what you need is not up to half of that number?

In addition, the larger the nominal you borrow, the higher the installments you have to pay each month. It is highly recommended to use a collateral-free loan calculation simulation before applying for credit. Make sure the installments you have to pay are not more than 30% of your income.

Speaking of loan ceilings, Permata KTA provides cash loans from IDR 5 million to IDR 300 million for each individual customer. You can set the loan amount you want yourself and adjust it to your needs. That way, your dream items can be quickly realized.

Choose those
with low interest rates Unsecured loans are indeed quite interesting because without collateral, you can pocket whatever loan funds you want. Even so, a number of KTA lenders often provide quite large interest rates. The greater the interest rate set, of course the greater the loan that must be paid.

Permata KTA offers loans with relatively low and competitive interest rates. Permata KTA interest rates start from 0.88% flat per month or 10.56% flat per year, with terms and conditions applied. This low interest rate will certainly make it easier for you to pay off the loan and minimize the potential for bad credit.

Look for a KTA Loan with a Flexible Term
Submission of a KTA loan also needs to pay attention to the repayment period. This is because this period of time also affects the amount of installments that must be paid. The shorter the tenor, the greater the installments that must be paid, and vice versa. Therefore, adjust the length of the tenor to your financial capabilities so that you can avoid difficulties when paying off.

Make sure to always be disciplined in paying installments 
. Avoid unnecessary fees when applying for an unsecured loan, including late fees. Generally, KTA loans charge late fees of up to 5%. This of course will be very detrimental, especially when the amount of installments is quite large. Therefore, make sure you negotiate with the borrower regarding the due date for paying the KTA loan so you can avoid late payments.

Another way to avoid late fees is to choose a loan service without collateral with an autodebit feature. Permata KTA  offers an auto debit service every month. You only need to ensure the availability of the balance on the due date, the balance will automatically be deducted according to the payment obligations that you must fulfill. There is no such thing as late payment.

Choose the one with an easy submission process. 
Because without collateral, applying for a KTA is generally a little difficult. You need a number of requirements for your application to be accepted. Not to mention the time wasted to submit a number of documents.

However, this is not the case with Permata KTA unsecured loans . Permata KTA makes it easy to apply for KTA via cellphone. You can submit anywhere and anytime. In addition, the only requirements you need are KTP and NPWP. Your application will be processed easily and quickly.

Avoid Applying for Other Loans before the KTA is Paid
Don’t apply for other loans before the KTA has been paid off. Also make sure there are no debts that must be paid off before submitting a KTA. Having two or more debt repayment obligations will make it difficult for you to be disciplined in paying off loans without collateral.

Make sure the total installments you have to pay each month do not exceed 30% of your total income. If it exceeds it, it is not impossible that you will have difficulty paying the installments, including installments for repayment of unsecured loans .

Those are some safe tips for getting the ideal item using a loan without collateral. The most important thing is that you have to know which KTA loan is right and profitable.

Permata KTA is an unsecured loan option to be reckoned with. With cash loans of up to IDR 300 million to individual customers, you can use them for various purposes with a repayment period of up to five years. What are you waiting for? Immediately apply for KTA and get your dream item right now!