6 Ways to Manage Finances Before Resigning from a Job

How do you manage finances before resigning from work? For those of you who have plans to resign in the near future, most likely you will think about it. Because, after resigning, you will automatically no longer receive a salary. Of course it will be difficult if you depend on your salary to pay your obligations.
However, you don’t need to panic. Everything must have a solution. To help you find answers, here’s how to manage finances efficiently before resigning from work.

Arrange Next Steps
The first thing to do when you start thinking about plans to resign is to arrange your next steps. Think of the best “scenario” so that you can survive even without a job. Don’t think of any plans after resigning from work.

Without a clear plan, you will be stuck in an unemployment status or a no-income situation for longer. The first step is to decide whether you want to continue working elsewhere or if you want to start a business. If you want to continue working, then you must immediately make preparations. Likewise, if you want to start your own business, do the calculations to make sure you have enough capital.

Prepare Additional Income
It’s a good idea to start thinking about additional income options. Currently, there are many ways to earn income outside of salary. For example by doing freelance that is still related to the old job. Another alternative is to start a small business such as a reseller business that does not require large capital.

With additional income, you can still get income. As a result, cash flow remains smooth. Don’t hesitate to empower your skills or hobbies. Who knows, you might actually be able to earn more from this alternative method.

If possible, pay off all debts
Make good use of the income you get from your previous job. Use it to reduce or settle obligations such as debt, especially if the matter is still related to the office.
Likewise with bills that will come once you decide to resign. Various bills such as water, electricity, internet, pulses or credit cards will not stop even if you leave work. If it feels heavy, try to discuss it with the provider. Usually, they will provide relief such as accumulated payments behind or installments.

Check Emergency Fund
Before your resignation decision is final, make sure the emergency fund is sufficient. It’s best if you set up an emergency fund at least three times your current monthly expenses. For those of you who are married, the calculation changes to at least six times the monthly expenses. In essence, the funds are sufficient to meet needs as long as they do not get a new job.

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Set a Deadline for Looking for a New Job
Next, set a clear deadline for the job search period. Set a personal deadline that limits the period of looking for a new job. For example, you should be able to get a new job a maximum of one month after resigning. It doesn’t have to be a new job either, but it can also be a new source of income that isn’t a salary.
By setting a time limit or deadline, you will feel a race against time. If you are too relaxed or go with the flow, time will be wasted. It is feared, this situation will be tiring and cause laziness.

Readjust Your Lifestyle Pattern
How to manage post-resign finances will be meaningless if you don’t manage your lifestyle. After resigning, automatically there will be no more salary every month. So that your savings don’t run out immediately, try to live more frugally.

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Hopefully this review on how to manage finances before resigning can help you. Don’t forget to use the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application to manage your finances better! Also make sure that you have followed this m banking registration method correctly so that you can immediately enjoy the convenience.