7 Tips for Safe Transactions with Mobile Banking

As the name implies, mobile banking is a banking activity service that you can do on the basis of a mobile application. The convenience offered, starting from registering for m banking to processing transactions, allows you to carry out banking transactions anywhere and anytime. Mobile banking activities have also increased because everything is at hand.

However, don’t let the convenience make you forget about the security of online transactions being carried out. When using mobile banking , for example, you must enter some data to be able to access banking services in it. So, so that transaction security is maintained, make sure you do the following tips.

Changing Password Periodically
For security reasons, ideally you will be asked to set a password to access the mobile banking application . It is important for you to change the password regularly to avoid hacking and the risk of data leakage. You can change your password once a month, for example. In addition, you should also not tell the password to other people, including those closest to you, such as friends or family.

Maintain Data Confidentiality
Data is needed to be able to carry out online transactions on mobile banking. Even data is needed since you apply the m banking registration method , starting from submitting data on your full name, date of birth, NIK, and so on. Not to mention you are also required to provide a password or PIN number.

Given the importance of this data, make sure you always keep it confidential. This is of course so that you avoid the risk of data leaking and misuse. In order to minimize crime anyway, you should always keep your cell phone in a safe place. 

Diligently Update the Mobile Banking Application
Don’t forget to always update the mobile banking application that you have. Usually, each latest version of the application is equipped with additional features and security system improvements. In this way, you will be more protected while making online transactions on the application. 

Using a Secure Internet Network
It is important not to use the internet or Wi-Fi available in public places when making online transactions . This could cause your mobile banking data to be recorded through the wi-fi owner’s internet network. In addition, you are also not advised to use third-party applications such as VPNs that can read your banking transactions.

Don’t transact through other people’s
cell phones. Try to make online transactions only through your own personal cell phone. Remember, using the mobile banking  application requires you to enter important and personal data. If you use someone else’s cellphone to carry out banking transactions, your data will of course be recorded on that cellphone. From here, the risk of data leakage can arise, and can even be misused. 

the Authentication Feature It is also important to activate the authentication feature so that data security during online banking transactions is maintained. Self-authentication is a feature used to verify every online transaction that you make. Thus, no transactions will be made without your knowledge. 

Features in the mobile banking application also affect the security level of the application. We recommend using an application that has a high level of security such as Permata Mobile X. This one mobile banking application is equipped with digital token and mobile PIN features that support your security in making online transactions. Not only is it safe, how to register for Permata Mobile X m banking is also very easy. Here are the steps:

  • Download Permata Mobile X through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Open the app, select ‘start’
  • If you already have a PermataBank account, select “yes” in the question “Do you have a PermataBank account?” 
  • Vice versa, select “no” for the question “Do you have a PermataBank account?” You will be directed to PermataStore to open an account first
  • Select “no” for the question “Do you have a Permata Mobile X user ID ?”
  • Choose whether you will register using an account number or credit card
  • Follow the next instructions until it’s finished and your user ID can be used

Checking Balances Regularly An easy way to check mobile banking
security is to check your account balance regularly. See if your balance is the same as the last time you checked it. In addition, also check every time you finish an online transaction. Make sure the amount of the reduced balance is in accordance with the nominal you are transacting. 

You can avoid negative stigma regarding the impact of online transactions such as fraud, hacking or burglary by applying the tips above. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of technology in conducting banking transactions by registering for m banking . Make sure the application you use is equipped with an optimal security system such as Permata Mobile X !