Anti-Slow Cashless Transactions with QR Pay PermataMobile X

Cashless transactions make payments easier, especially during a pandemic where physical contact is strictly avoided. It is not surprising that in the future cashless transactions will continue to grow and be increasingly relied on by the Indonesian people.

The cashless payment method by scanning the QR code is one of the most favorite. More and more merchants are providing this method because it is fast and practical. PermataBank customers have also enjoyed it through the QR Pay feature on the Permata Mobile X application .

For your convenience, Permata Mobile X improves the QR Pay payment feature to be more sophisticated and practical. Now you can display a QR code on your mobile screen for the cashier to move when making a payment.

No More Fear of HP Unreading QR Code The
problem that often occurs is when the cellphone has difficulty reading the QR code that is at the cashier. It has been repeated many times, still the cellphone camera cannot read the QR code. Finally, instead of the longer cashier lines, you also have to choose another payment method.

But, you dont have to worry. If your cellphone camera often fails to scan the QR code during cashless transactions , all you have to do is download the Permata Mobile X application . Use the QR Pay feature and payments can be made easily by showing the QR code to the cashier. The cashier will scan the QR code and immediately confirm the payment. Cashless transactions are even faster without any hassles.

Forgot to Bring Your Wallet? No problem!
A wallet is one of the most frequently forgotten items when traveling. Even more complicated, you just realize you forgot to bring your wallet when you’re already in front of the cashier. Well, the problem of forgetting your wallet won’t haunt you anymore because now there are lots of merchants that provide cashless payment facilities.

Do you want to snack on food but don’t have the right money? Just pay using QR Pay! Want to buy new clothes for Eid but cash is running low? Relax, there is a QR Pay that you can use. Pay for anything, just open Permata Mobile X and show the QR code. No need to look for the nearest ATM for cash withdrawals, especially for those of you who don’t like to carry a lot of things with you when you travel.

Use QR Pay to Get Cashback From
1 March to 31 May 2021, you have the opportunity to get 30% cashback for transactions at Permata QR merchants . The more transactions you make with QR Pay Permata Mobile X , the bigger the cashback you will get. This cashback promo is valid every day with a maximum cashback of IDR 40,000 for one customer per month. 30% cashback will be calculated from your accumulated QR Pay transactions for a full month.

So, shopping with cashless transactions is easier, safer and more economical when using the QR Pay feature in Permata Mobile X. Make as many QR Pay transactions as possible to get cashback. Also enjoy the various facilities and conveniences that only exist in the Permata Mobile X application !