Apple Retains Top Law Firm for Upcoming Legal Battles

what law firm represents apple

Apple has retained one of the most prestigious law firms in the United States to represent the company in upcoming legal battles. The Cupertino-based tech giant has hired WilmerHale, a Washington D.C. based firm, to represent them in the upcoming legal proceedings.

The move comes as Apple faces an increasingly competitive landscape in the tech industry, and is looking to strengthen its legal team in order to protect its interests. WilmerHale has a long history of representing tech companies in legal matters, including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

The firm has also been involved in several high profile cases, including representing Microsoft in its antitrust case against the US government, and defending Google in its copyright infringement case against Oracle. WilmerHale has also represented Apple in the past, and is well-versed in the company’s legal issues.

The move is seen as a signal of Apple’s commitment to protecting its interests in the increasingly competitive tech industry. Apple has been involved in a number of legal disputes in recent years, including a high-profile case against Qualcomm over patent licensing fees.

Apple’s legal team is also preparing for potential legal battles with the US government over the company’s decision to encrypt user data. Apple has been vocal in its stance that it will not cooperate with the government’s request to unlock encrypted iPhones, and has been preparing for a potential legal battle.

The hiring of WilmerHale is seen as a sign that Apple is taking its legal battles seriously, and is committed to protecting its interests in the tech industry. With the firm’s experience in representing tech companies, Apple is confident that it will be well-prepared for any legal challenges that may arise.