Best Car Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia

Car insurance is insurance that provides compensation if the vehicle is damaged, either badly damaged or just scratched, and lost. In addition, there are additional benefits in the form of compensation for damage caused by floods, riots (riots), and natural disasters.

With this protection, the insurance company will cover the vehicle if it is damaged or lost within a year. Therefore, choose the best and cheapest car insurance in order to get benefits as needed with affordable premiums.

The following is a list of the best and cheapest car insurance recommendations for 2022. Come on, buy car insurance online at Lifepal!

  • Tugu Insurance
  • Sinarmas Car Insurance
  • ACA Insurance
  • Adira Autocillin
  • AXA Mandiri Insurance
  • Simas Insurance Insurtech
  • Tokio Marine Insurance
  • ABA Insurance
  • Allianz Insurance
  • Sampo Insurance

Advantages of Buying Car Insurance at Lifepal

Apart from offering the cheapest car insurance premium fees, there are several other benefits that can be obtained by utilizing the Lifepal insurance marketplace . Why should you buy car insurance online ? The following are the advantages of buying car insurance online at Lifepal:

1. Partner workshops and branch offices spread throughout Indonesia

Lifepal has worked with a number of insurance company partners in Indonesia. To ensure customers get the best service, Lifepal has collaborated with 4000+ car repair shops and 250+ partner branch offices that are spread out in almost all parts of Indonesia. That way, customers can easily get claim services at joint partner workshops and branch offices. For example, Car Insurance in Surabaya, Car Insurance in Bali, Car Insurance in Medan, Car Insurance in Bandung, and various other cities according to the insurance company owned.

2. Online Claim Submission Service

Now there is no need to visit the main office or branches of insurance companies. For example, you are a Reliance Car Insurance customer in East Java, you don’t have to visit Reliance Car Insurance in Malang or Surabaya Car Insurance, for the Yogyakarta area you have to come to Car Insurance in Yogyakarta, and various other cities just to submit a claim.

With online customer service  you can submit a claim through an application or contact the branch office of the relevant insurance company. If there are problems with claims, customers can contact Lifepal services by telephone or WhatsApp.

3. Best and Most Complete Car Insurance Prices

In collaboration with more than 50 well-known insurance companies in Indonesia, Lifepal offers the best and most comprehensive car insurance products. Apart from that, you can also do a detailed comparison of cheap and good car insurance on the official Lifepal website. For example, compare the prices of cheap all risk car insurance for ACA Car Insurance and Adira Autocillin, Pan Pacific Car Insurance and BCA Car Insurance, the cost of All Risk Car Insurance for BCA and Ramayana Car Insurance both in terms of premiums and policy benefits. Easy and very helpful, right?

How to Register for Car Insurance on Lifepal

Interested in buying car insurance online at Lifepal? It’s very easy, just fill in the personal data form above , then compare a number of insurance policies available at Lifepal. Make sure the policy benefits and premiums suit your needs and budget. Then fill in the application process and the Lifepal team will immediately confirm and explain in detail the information regarding the insurance policy you are interested in. For example, if you intend to choose Autocillin Car Insurance, or Allianz Car Insurance, our team will help explain later. So, you don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong policy because prospective customers can first consult with the Lifepal insurance team of experts by telephone!

Understand the Types of Car Insurance in Indonesia

Types of car insurance consist of all risk (comprehensive) and Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance. All risk insurance covers all risks, while TLO insurance only covers  severe damage. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of coverage and the amount of premium.

Therefore, you should adjust to the needs and type of car. For example, choosing KIA Car Insurance, Nissan Car Insurance, ACC Car Insurance, BCA Insurance Car Insurance, and others of the like.

Speaking of premiums, the cost of car insurance premiums is adjusted to the type chosen. Broadly speaking, the range starts from IDR 600,000 per year  or around  IDR 50,000 per month!

In order not to choose the wrong one, you need to know first the types of car insurance that must be chosen. This is because the premium depends on the type of insurance and the condition of the car you have.

1. TLO Car Insurance

2. All Risk Car Insurance

3. Combined Car Insurance

4. Extended Car Insurance (Rider)

5. Collision Coverage Car Insurance

6. Liability Insurance Car Insurance

7. Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance

All Risk Car Insurance or TLO, What’s the Difference?

Simply put, all risk car insurance covers all types of damage, both minor and total damage. Meanwhile, TLO car insurance only covers total damage or car repair costs above 75 percent of the current price of the car.

To make it easier, let’s look at the differences in all risk and TLO car insurance in the following table:

Type All Risk TLO
Car age max. 12 years old max. 15 years – 20 years
Suitable for New car & frequent driving in crowded city Old car or used car
Premium fee More expensive. Starting from 3.26 percent of the price of the car Cheaper. Starting from 0.44 percent of the price of the car
Benefit All damage, even abrasions, and gone Min. 75 percent damage or lost

Insurance for Old Cars, Can You?

For those of you who own old, classic cars, or are collectors of antique cars, you also want to provide more protection so that the car still has optimal and durable performance. Then can we apply for insurance for old cars?

Of course you can, but of course insurance for old and used cars has different conditions than new ones. For example, to be able to use all risk used car insurance, the maximum age of the car is 10 years and some insurance companies will charge an additional fee for old cars.

Meanwhile, TLO insurance coverage is the most suitable for old cars, generally with a maximum age of 10-20 years. What are the benefits of TLO insurance for old or used cars?

  • Premium prices are relatively cheap
  • Compensation for damages at risk of loss is usually 10% lower than the selling price of the car
  • Compensation for accident risks with the addition of the expansion of the TJH guarantee, will generally also provide compensation for losses suffered by third parties who have suffered losses.
  • If an accident occurs with damage above 75 percent or is damaged so badly that it cannot be repaired, the insurance company will provide full compensation.

Car Insurance Premium Prices

Unlike health insurance and life insurance, car insurance premiums are paid annually. Car insurance costs per year range from IDR 385 thousand per year for a TLO policy and IDR 2.1 million for an all risk policy.

It should also be understood that the amount of the premium or the price of car insurance has been regulated by the OJK (Financial Services Authority). OJK made OJK Circular Number 6/SEOJK.05/2017 concerning Determination of Premiums or Contributions to Property Insurance and Motor Vehicle Insurance Business Lines in 2017.

A simple way to calculate the cost of Car Insurance premiums for ACA, Adira, and others is as follows:

Premium percentage (according to the type of car insurance, region, and car price category) x car price = premium cost

To make it easier, you can use a car insurance premium calculator.

Region and Car Price Determine Premium

Referring to the OJK car insurance rate , the premium set depends on which region and the price of the customer’s car. The following is the premium percentage or OJK car insurance rate :

Car Insurance Cost Area Category

To be able to calculate the car insurance premium rate, you need to look at the area category of the car. There are three categories of areas that determine car insurance rates, namely:

  • Region I (Sumatra and the surrounding Islands)
  • Region II (DKI Jakarta, West Java and Banten)
  • Region III (other regions not mentioned in regions I and II)
Car Price Category

The price of the car will also determine the premium amount. The following is the distribution of premium categories based on car prices:

  • Category 1, namely IDR 0 – 125 million
  • Category 2, which is more than IDR 125 – 200 million
  • Category 3, which is more than IDR 200 – 400 million
  • Category 4, which is more than IDR 400 – 800 million
  • Category 5, which is more than IDR 800 million

Car insurance costs and premium simulations for 2022

The following is an example of a premium simulation based on the insurance coverage taken.

1. All risk (comprehensive) insurance costs and simulation

cat. Region & Car Prices Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
cat. 1, max. IDR 125 million 3,82% – 4,20% 3,26% – 3,59% 2,53% – 2,78%
Cat. 2, IDR 125-200 million 2,67% – 2,94% 2,47% – 2,72% 2,69% – 2,96%
Cat. 3, Rp200-400 million 2,18% – 2,40%   2,08% – 2,29% 1,79% – 1,97%
Cat. 4, Rp400-800 million 1,20% – 1,32% 1,20% – 1,32% 1,14% – 1,25%
Cat. 5, More than Rp800 million 1,05% – 1,16% 1,05% – 1,16% 1,05% – 1,16%

From the table above, you can calculate the car insurance premium rates that need to be paid if you take all risk insurance.

For example, Agya’s car costs IDR 150 million and has Jakarta B plate, so the premium category is region II and category

2. The following is a simulation of all risk insurance premiums that must be paid every year while participating in insurance:

All risk premium percentage x car price = 2.47% premium fee x IDR 150,000,000 = IDR 3,705,000 per year

Another practical way is to compare hundreds of policies from various insurance companies online. That way, prospective customers can get the best policy with the cheapest premium too!

2. Cost and TLO insurance simulation

cat. Region & Car Prices Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
cat. 1, max. IDR 125 million 0,47% – 0,56% 0,65% – 0,78% 0,51% – 0,56%
Cat. 2, IDR 125-200 million 0,63% – 0,69% 0,44% – 0,53% 0,44% – 0,48%
Cat. 3, Rp200-400 million 0,41% – 0,46% 0,38% – 0,42% 0,29% – 0,35%
Cat. 4, Rp400-800 million 0,25% – 0,30% 0,25% – 0,30% 0,23% – 0,27%
Cat. 5, More than Rp800 million 0,20% – 0,24% 0,20% – 0,24% 0,20% – 0,24%

If you look at the table above, you can see that TLO insurance will be cheaper than all risk. Using the same example as before, let’s compare TLO premiums.

For example, Agya’s car is IDR 150 million and has a Jakarta B plate. Then the premium that must be paid is calculated based on area II category 2. The following is the car insurance calculation:

TLO premium percentage x car price = 0.44% premium fee x IDR 150,000,000 = IDR 660,000 per year

3. Cost and Premium Simulation with Expansion Guarantee

Guarantee Premium Rates Own Risk
Floods include hurricanes Starting from 0.50% (depending on region) 10% of the approved claim value, at least IDR 500,000.00 per incident
Earthquake and tsunami Starting from 0.05% (depending on region)
Riot or riot (SRCC) 0.05% (All Risk) dan 0.035% (TLO)
Terrorism and sabotage 0.05% (All Risk) dan 0.035% (TLO)
Legal Liability to Third Parties (Passenger Vehicles and Motorcycles) a. UP up to IDR 25 million: 1% of UP
b. UP > Rp. 25 million to Rp. 50 million: 0.5% of the UP
c. UP > IDR 50 million to IDR 100 million: 0.25% of the UP
d. UP > IDR 100 million: determined by   the company ‘s underwriter
Legal Liability to Third Parties (Commercial Vehicles, Trucks and Buses) a. UP up to IDR 25 million: 1.50% of the UP
b. UP > Rp. 25 million to Rp. 50 million: 0.75% of the UP
c. UP > IDR 50 million to IDR 100 million: 0.375% of UP
d. UP > IDR 100 million: determined by  the company ‘s underwriter 
Personal Accident for Passengers a. For drivers: 0.50% of the personal accident sum insured (UP)
b. For Passengers: 0.10% of the personal accident UP for each passenger seat
Legal Responsibilities to Passengers a. UP up to IDR 25 million: 0.50% of the UP
b. UP > Rp. 25 million to Rp. 50 million: 0.25% of the UP
c. UP > IDR 50 million to IDR 100 million: 0.125% of UP
d. UP > IDR 100 million: determined by  the company  ‘s underwriter


Get car insurance premium rates starting from IDR 35 thousand per month + up to 25% discount only on Lifepal! Check car insurance online right now!

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

How to claim car insurance must pay attention to procedures and documents. As for the first thing to pay attention to when an accident or loss occurs, immediately take a photo of the incident as proof of the claim and immediately make a claim report for a maximum of 5×24 hours.

So, apart from submitting claims directly to insurance companies, for example to Allianz Car Insurance, Autocillin Car Insurance, or BCA Insurance Car Insurance , other ways can take advantage of claims assistance services from insurance brokers such as Lifepal. Guaranteed more practical and easy!

See, the claim process for Wahana Tata Car Insurance, MNC Car Insurance, BCA Car Insurance, ACA Jakarta Car Insurance, or other insurance available in Indonesia is as follows:

Summary of Procedures for Claiming Car Insurance
TLO Car Insurance Claim Process
How to Claim All Risk Car Insurance
Documents and Terms of Car Insurance Claims
Power of Attorney for Car Insurance Claims

Car Insurance Claim Experience

In January 2020, Mr. Kevin’s car had an accident while stuck in traffic. The crasher was on a motorcycle and fled without responsibility. Arriving at home, Mr. Kevin checked and found that the back of the car was scratched and dented quite deep.

Luckily Mr. Kevin has Adira Autocillin All Risk Car Insurance which covers both minor and total damage.

The claim steps are as follows

After carrying out the steps above, Mr. Kevin is just waiting for confirmation from the insurance company. That’s right, just before 1×24 hours, the Car Insurance Autocillin officer had verified the claim and connected Mr. Kevin with the partner repair shop closest to the customer’s domicile.

The workshop will check the availability of spare parts . Because spare-parts were not yet available, Mr. Kevin was asked to wait a few days for the repair shop to restock . Once available, Mr. Kevin was immediately asked to bring the car to the garage and the process of replacing spare parts was carried out.

All repair costs are borne by Adira Autocillin, which means that Mr. Kevin only has to pay the mandatory own risk  fee of IDR 300 thousand.

Tricks and Tips for Car Insurance Claims Not Rejected

In order for the car insurance claim process to run smoothly, there are a number of tips and tricks that can be done to reduce the risk of claims being rejected for Wahana Tata Car Insurance, A Car BCA insurance and others. Here are some ways:

Report losses as soon as possible

Usually the claim will be rejected if the loss occurs more than 2x 24 hours.

Make sure the claim documents are complete

Starting from police reports, chronology of losses, STNK, driver’s license, proof of loss, and so on.

Keep the police active

This can be done by contacting the agent or call center of the relevant insurance company.

The police are waiting

When enrolling in an insurance policy, there will usually be a waiting period of several days until the policy is active.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance

Choosing cheap and good car insurance must consider several factors, such as the type of insurance, product, and the right comparison between premiums and services.

So, pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose the appropriate type of insurance (all risk / TLO)

Get to know the needs and terrain that is often passed by car vehicles, whether in crowded city areas or damaged roads. Usually, all risk insurance is suitable for city car drivers because of the high risk of getting abrasions. Meanwhile, TLO insurance is suitable for cars that are in crime-prone areas.

2. Look for third-party auto insurance

Third party car insurance is a policy benefit that provides compensation in the event of a risk of accident or collision involving a third party. For example, you accidentally hit the car in front at a red light. Well, the cost of damage to the car that you crash will be borne by the insurance. Even so, this policy also has some exceptions, such as:

  • The customer crashes or pushes another vehicle while practicing driving
  • Losses occur as a result of vehicles being used for racing, crime, carnivals, campaigns and demonstrations
  • Losses occur as a result of intentional or planned
  • The vehicle is driven by a driver without a license
  • The vehicle suffers a loss due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Vehicles suffer losses due to natural disasters or riots

3. Compare the policies of various insurance companies

In order to be able to get an insurance policy with cheap premiums and complete benefits, prospective customers are advised to compare policies from various insurance companies in Indonesia  online. This can be done by using  the policy comparison feature from Lifepal!  Complete the table of contents below to compare the best policies.

4. Choose an insurance company with trusted credibility

Credibility is not only that the brand is well-known, but also that it is trusted in terms of service and minimizes complaints as much as possible.

5. Choose insurance that has a wide partner workshop

Insurance usually works with an official ( authorized ) repair shop from your car brand. However, there are also those who work with  non-authorized workshops . So, only a few insurance brands allow you to be able to make repairs to any repair shop. So far, the product that has  this benefit  is ACA Automate Solitaire from ACA.

Usually,  benefits  like this are very useful if your car breaks down in an area that you are not familiar with.

6. Compare premium prices versus service features

Insurance premiums are regulated by OJK. However, the features and services between one product and another can vary even though the premium is the same. There is insurance that only  covers  damage to the car, but there is also insurance that covers the driver and passengers as well. In fact, without  additional fees .

So, when you receive an insurance policy, you should first know what protection, features and extra benefits  are provided, then sign it.

7. Complete the car insurance requirements

After determining the desired insurance policy, then complete the necessary car insurance requirements. There are several conditions that need to be completed when you want to register your favorite car in insurance. The following are the requirements for car insurance registration:

  • Registration form provided by Lifepal or insurance company
  • Photocopy of Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK)
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
  • Copy and original driving license (SIM)
  • Foreign Citizens must include a KITAS or KITAP
  • Original NPWP or SIUP letter

Questions About Car Insurance

Here are some tips and questions that are often asked or sought about car insurance. Whether it’s BCA Car Insurance, Ramayana Car Insurance, Semarang Car Insurance, and various other brands.

What are the types of comprehensive car insurance?

It should be understood, all risk (comprehensive) insurance does not have its types anymore. So there is no such thing as a cheap and expensive type of all risk car insurance. There is only an expansion of the scope of protection. For example flood protection guarantees, terrorism, sabotage, third party legal liability, and so on.

Having car insurance is necessary or not?

There are still many who consider having car insurance as something that is not so important. In fact, insuring your favorite car can protect your savings from burdensome expenses.

Apart from that, there are also other reasons why you need to have car insurance, namely:

  1. The number of vehicles on Indonesian roads is increasing by 6 percent every year, so you have to protect your car from the damage that can happen on the roads.
  2. Vehicle insurance can also protect you and your passengers from expensive maintenance costs in the event of an accident. Moreover, the accident rate in Indonesia continues to increase every year.
  3. Protect finances from expensive workshop bills in the event of damage to the vehicle.

How does auto insurance work?

The customer needs to register the vehicle and then obtain an insurance policy which is usually valid for one year. At the beginning, the customer must pay an insurance premium in which the funds will be managed by the insurance company to cover various claims from the customer.