Easier to Pay Bills with PermataMobile X

Have to pay bills and top up every month, but lazy to go back and forth to the ATM? Don’t worry, as a Permata Bank customer, you can take advantage of the Permata Mobile X mobile banking service . Permata Mobile X has hundreds of features to make it easier for you to carry out various financial transactions, including paying bills and topping up your various needs.

Through Permata Mobile X , you can make bill payments and top up credit anywhere and anytime. This article will discuss three types of bills as well as credit top ups that can be done through Permata Mobile X. Like what? Let’s look at the following explanation.

Hundreds of PermataMobile X features for Various
Mobile banking Transactions Permata Mobile X has a Payment and Balance Top Up feature that makes it easier for customers and can be done anywhere. With just one mobile banking application, you can complete various banking matters easily and practically.

Then, what types of payments and top-ups can be made through Permata Mobile X ?

TransVision Payments
You subscribe to TransVision cable TV service? Now TransVision bill payments can be made via Permata Mobile X. Through Permata Mobile X mobile banking , TransVision bill payments are free of any fees. You only need to pay the fee that was invoiced.

The process of paying TransVision bills through Permata Mobile X  is also very simple and doesn’t take long. You simply enter the Pay Bill menu, then select the Television option and select TransVision. After that, enter your customer ID.

PDAM Payment
Apart from TransVision bills, you can also pay PDAM bills at Permata Mobile X mobile banking . To pay PDAM bills, enter the Pay Bill menu and select the Electricity & Water option. After that, enter your customer number.

How about the administration fee? For PDAM payments, administration fees are also free. However, keep in mind, some areas that are not included in Permata Bank’s service coverage will be charged a fee of IDR 1,000. Complete coverage of the PDAM area can be seen here . 

Top Up Tri Pulsa Data Package running low, but still a lot of needs? You can top-up the Tri data package via Permata Mobile X mobile banking . The process is simple and doesn’t take long. Simply enter the Top Up menu and select the Data Package option. Then, all you have to do is enter your cellphone number and the type of data package you want. Top-up of the Tri data package itself doesn’t incur any fees, you only need to pay according to the nominal issued.

Apart from the four payment features above, Permata Mobile X still has hundreds of other banking features that will make your banking affairs easier. Starting from transferring money via cellphone numbers, applying for loans, to selling online mutual fund investment instruments, everything is in your hands.

Sending Gifts Easier with WhatsApp Gift on PermataMobile X

More than just banking transactions, transferring or sending money nowadays has also become a way of showing affection for other people. For example, sending money monthly to parents or as gifts to those closest to them. Now, sending money can be done easily in various ways, including the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application .

Through the Transfer feature, you can even send money in seconds. It doesn’t stop there, Permata Bank also provides a feature to send money, but in a more fun and memorable way, namely through the WhatsApp Gift Permata Mobile X feature .

No Need to Copy Account Numbers
As the name implies, the WhatsApp Gift feature is a feature that can be used to send gifts in the form of money, of course by transferring the money to loved ones. Using the WhatsApp Gift Feature, you no longer need to copy or enter account numbers when sending money. You only need to use the active WhatsApp number of the intended person. It’s very easy, fast and practical, right?

Send Money with Attractive Greeting Cards The
WhatsApp Gift feature is also accompanied by a greeting card and the greeting cards themselves are also available in various designs that can be tailored to your needs or other special days such as Eid, Christmas, or Chinese New Year. So, by using the WhatsApp Gift feature when you send money you can also accompany it with a greeting card, sending gifts to loved ones will be even more interesting and memorable!

Can Write Messages When Sending Money
Not only greeting cards with various designs, the WhatsApp Gift feature on Permata Mobile X is also equipped with a short message field that you can use to write congratulations or affection of up to 160 characters from the message “Happy birthday!” “Happy Eid!”, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” and so on as you wish.

You can also take advantage of this feature to write money transfer statements. Let’s say you just had a meal with friends and your friends are paying the bill first. Then, when sending money via WhatsApp Gift, you can add the message, “Dinner money transfer.”.

WhatsApp Gift offers a new and fun way to send money online. To be able to enjoy this feature, of course, you must first have a Permata Bank savings account. Download and register the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application on your smartphone now!