Effective Ways to Start an Online Shop Business

Doing business is one way to earn income, whether it is your main income or additional income. Starting a business must be prepared with all the consequences. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to do. In fact, not a few people leave their office jobs to suppress business. 

One that is in great demand is the online shop business , because it is considered promising and this one business can be done from anywhere, from sales, marketing, transactions to delivery. 

Especially during this pandemic, more and more people are opening their shops online on various e-commerce platforms . The goods sold in the online shop also vary, ranging from food, drinks, clothing, to electronic goods. 

Do you want to try opening your first online shop ? Here are some ways you can do before you start an online shop business :

Determine the Items to be Sold
Research is one of the things that must be done first. Starting from research on market share, goods sold, suppliers, and other details. Everything must be considered so that you can calculate the pros and cons of your sales. 

For example selling packaged food, you don’t only need to pay attention to whether the product is liked, but also how long the food lasts in storage, is it safe to send via package, and so on.

Determine the Platform
There are currently many e-commerce platforms available with various advantages. Make sure the online shop that will be opened is in accordance with the platform ‘s market share . Don’t forget, make sure the system on the platform helps your transaction process to be easier, for example with the many types of payments offered.

There’s nothing wrong with considering the promos given by the e-commerce platform , because where there are lots of promos, there will be a lot of visitors. These promos can be in the form of cashback, free shipping, or discounts.

Product Photos
Make sure you put up the best and most trusted product photos, not illustrations let alone take from other people’s stalls. Product photos with actual conditions will make consumers believe. Add a description that is in accordance with the details so that it becomes an adequate reference for consumers in making their choices. 

Apart from being posted on your e-commerce booth, also take advantage of social media to post photos of your products. In the caption section, don’t forget to attach a link that points to the product page on your online store .

Pay Attention to Product Quality
Never ignore this aspect of selling. Selling cheap goods without quality will only invite complaints and bad ratings for your store. Make sure you sell goods with good quality. This will make your store’s customers think about coming back and making repeat purchases. 

Many say, online shop business does not require a lot of capital. Even though the capital required is not as much as an offline store, the availability of capital also determines many things, such as how many types of goods you can sell, how many items you can stock, how many employees you can employ. Make sure you have sufficient capital or you can also take advantage of bank financing if it is felt to be lacking.

If you need fast financing assistance but still in accordance with Sharia principles, Permata KTA iB Multiguna is here for you. As a sharia KTA product from Permata Bank , Permata KTA iB Multiguna provides sharia loans of up to IDR 300 million which you can use to start your online shop business .

Some of the advantages offered by this Sharia KTA loan include:

  • In accordance with Sharia Principles
    Submission in accordance with Sharia principles with a Murabahah Agreement or Multijasa Ijarah Agreement. 
  • Flexible
    installments Installments that can be adjusted to the ability of the customer up to 60 months. 
  • Free of Fees
    Economical transactions with free fees, including transfer and administration fees. 
  • No Down Payment and No Collateral
    No down payment is required and no collateral is required as collateral.

The submission requirements are also quite easy. You must be an Indonesian citizen (individual) aged 21 to 60 years (excluding tenor), work as an employee or self-employed or professional, have a minimum income of IDR 2 million per month. 

If these conditions are fulfilled, there are several documents that must be fulfilled, including:

  1. Photocopy of identity, namely KTP and NPWP
  2. Fill out and sign the Permata KTA iB Multipurpose financing application
  3. Attach documents proof of ordering goods or services issued by the provider of goods or services
  4. Have a Credit Card (minimum 1 year) or a customer registered with Permata Bank
  5. Have a credit card (minimum 1 year) or an existing Permata Bank customer

So, are you ready to choose an online shop business with a Sharia KTA Permata KTA iB Multipurpose