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Find exact location of mobile number online

Find the location of mobile number in just a few moments, combine family, business and other activities for simplicity.

Mobile phone tracking is a process of determining the location of a cell phone, based on satellite signals through GPS. It happens through multilateration of radio signals between several cell towers of the network and the phone, or via GPS. With LocatePhone solution, you can locate a mobile number anytime and anywhere.

How can I track a cell phone number?

There are chances that your cell phone carrier can help with location tracking as many companies do incorporate such solution as requests. Or else, you can seek help from social network platforms that provide location data. However, if you wish to track a cell phone number without them knowing and without installing software, the phone number locator is your best bet.

Do I need to download or install app?

Additional app installing, downloading and customizing is not required. The GPS location tracking is launched directly from the dedicated field. Simply enter the phone number you want to locate and start tracking!

How can I learn the full list of supported devices?

Our geolocation service equally identifies the current location of mobile phone regardless of its brand(Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and more) and its platform(Android or iOS).

Are the searched phone numbers stored in your database?

No, in no way LocatePhone store or use any phone numbers searched by the user. The purpose of our geolocation service is to provide location information about phone number, that’s all.

Steps to locate a cell phone number

Enter phone number

Type in the phone number you wish to geolocate

Carry out geolocation

Enter your phone number to receive the geolocation result

Receive result

Receive the SMS indicating exact location on your mobile phone

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