Hard to Save? Try Applying These 5 Tips!

Saving is one of the activities that is important to do to help you achieve your financial goals. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at saving. In fact, many people find it difficult to save. Various reasons ranging from a mediocre income to the bad habit of shopping without a clear goal make saving difficult.

Are you one of the many people who have difficulty saving money? If so, then it is mandatory for you to listen to the following tips so that your savings can be collected immediately, including opening a savings account an online savings account !

Set Goals as Motivation
What goals do you want to aim for when saving? This question is very important because you are asked to provide clear reasons for saving. Why does saving have to have a clear reason?

Many people find it difficult to save just because there is no definite goal. This certainly makes savings feel less important so there is no guilt when wasting them. Make a goal to save money to be more motivated. Whether it’s for a wedding fund or a down payment on a house, this goal makes you more responsible when it comes to spending money.

Open Special Online Savings 
Set up online savings that are different from your shopping account. This is so that the money you will save is separate from the money you need to spend. Never touch this savings account for any reason. That way, even the money you want to save will not be used up.

One of the online savings that you can use for this purpose is Permata ME . This one bank product is a savings account made specifically for young people who often find it difficult to save. Opening an easy online savings account and free of charge cash withdrawals certainly makes saving even easier and more profitable. You only need to download the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application and open an account online whenever and wherever you want.

Set aside Directly from Income
Before using your income to shop, it’s a good idea to allocate funds directly for savings into a separate account that has been created. If it is allowed to mix for a long time, your savings allocation will be more vulnerable for you to spend, either intentionally or unintentionally. You will also find it increasingly difficult to fill your savings. 

Write Various Wasteful Habits that are Usually Done Open an online
savings account account is n’t the only way to improve your saving habits. You also need to identify the wasteful habits that have been practiced so far. Don’t just think about it, but write down all those habits on a piece of paper. Any activities during the week that cost money need to be described in as much detail as possible. If necessary, write down any expenses during the past week.

Identifying extravagant habits will help you self-reflect. Identify what activities are enough to drain your income. As much as possible reduce the habit if it is difficult to stop it.

Change These Wasteful Habits to Make More Efficient
After being able to identify the wasteful habits that you are doing, it’s time to change these old habits into something profitable. For example, you really like to shop online and spend money on something that really doesn’t matter. Just because they were tempted by the cheap price during the flash sale , they bought the item without thinking twice. This habit can actually be overcome by simply deleting the e-commerce application on your cellphone. That way, extravagant triggers can be minimized.

Maybe you are also quite bad at managing expenses caused by you frequently ordering food outside. It’s very practical, just order and eat. However, if you do the math carefully, you can get more food by buying the ingredients for the same amount of money. There’s nothing wrong with making your own food to reduce monthly expenses.

From opening savings accounts online to changing extravagant habits, saving is no longer something difficult to do. The key is consistency and determination to save. Make the goal of saving as a motivation, take advantage of online savings to become a special savings container, and turn wasteful habits into thrifty behavior. These steps are not difficult to do. So, say goodbye to hard savings!