Here’s How to Register PermataMobile X Mobile Banking

Since its launch on August 2 2018, the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application has received great enthusiasm from customers because it facilitates various banking transactions. Permata Mobile X is a digital banking breakthrough that offers hundreds of features in one application to meet your various financial needs.

By utilizing the banking features available in the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , you can also make financial transactions anytime and anywhere. Whatever banking business you need to do, everything will be easier and simpler. For example, you can open a Permata Bank savings account without having to go to a bank branch. Everything can be done through the application in your smartphone!

How to Register PermataMobile X Mobile Banking?
Many are interested in the sophistication and convenience offered by Permata Mobile X  but don’t know how to register for m-banking, whether for those who already have a Permata Bank account or not at all. No need to worry. To be able to use this mobile banking application , all you have to do is follow the easy steps below:

  • The first thing you have to do, of course, is download mobile banking Permata Mobile X via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Open the mobile banking application application , select ‘start’
  • If you are a Permata Bank customer, select “yes” to the question “Do you have a Permata account Bank account?”
  • Vice versa, select “no” for the question “Do you have a Permata Bank account?” You will then be directed to PermataStore to open an account first
  • Select “no” for the question “Do you have a Permata Mobile X user ID user ID ?”
  • Choose whether you will register using an account number or credit card
  • Follow the next instructions until it’s finished and your user ID can be used

Advantages of Using PermataMobile X Mobile Banking
After knowing how to register for Permata Mobile X m-banking, it’s time to find out more about the advantages. As a digital banking breakthrough , Permata Mobile X comes with hundreds of features to make banking transactions easier for its users. Here are some of them that you can feel:

  • Open a savings account, apply for a credit card, apply for a KTA loan, and invest online
  • Check account movements for up to 12 months so you can keep track of your income and expenses in real time
  • Make cardless cash withdrawals at Indomaret and PermataATM with the Mobile Cash feature, so you no longer need to worry when you need cash but forget to bring your ATM card
  • Send money to WhatsApp numbers with the WhatsApp Gift feature which can be accompanied by greeting cards and special messages

That’s information about how to register for Permata Mobile X m banking that you need to know. After knowing the various advantages and conveniences offered, what are you waiting for? Immediately download the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application through the Google Play Store or App Store!