How to Transfer Money Via QR Code with PermataMobile X

Permata Bank continues to be fully committed to launching the latest digital banking features to make banking transactions easier for its customers. Since the initial launch of the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , this mobile banking has been equipped with hundreds of banking features that can be accessed by customers so that customers no longer need to visit the nearest branch office or ATM to conduct banking transactions. 

Previously, the QR Pay feature on Permata Mobile X was greeted with enthusiasm, Permata Bank saw a need for customers to transfer money without using an account number. So that now Permata Bank is proud to present the QR transfer feature, which is a feature that can be used to make transfer transactions to fellow Permata Bank accounts using a QR code, where customers only need to show/ scan the QR code to make transfer transactions. With the QR transfer feature, you can transfer money between Permata Bank accounts practically, quickly, and of course safely.

Money Transfers Without Account Numbers
Previously, you had to ask and then record, memorize, or input account numbers every time you wanted to make a money transfer. Of course this is very impractical and time consuming. Fortunately, transfer matters are now easier with the presence of the QR transfer feature on Permata Mobile X. As a beneficiary, you do not need to mention or copy and paste your account number. Just show your QR Code to the money sender, then the money transfer is complete. For the sender, you can directly scan the QR Code provided or upload the QR Code image that has been stored in your mobile gallery, select Account and enter the nominal amount to be transferred. 

Split Bill Made Easier
Do you still like to save account numbers to pay for joint purchases? No more! because now you can transfer money using the QR Transfer feature. When you are traveling, sitting relaxed, or chatting, you can transfer money simply by scanning the QR Code of the person you want to address, this method is easier and doesn’t take much time. Especially if you pay the bill when you eat with friends, you can immediately show your QR Code and ask friends to transfer money directly by simply scanning your QR Code.

Send or Receive Money in Seconds
One of the drawbacks of how to transfer money using an account number is that the process is quite time consuming. Imagine, you can spend 2 minutes just to input the account number when making a money transfer. Apart from that, the method of transferring money using account numbers is also prone to human error , where it is possible that the account number that was provided and that has been entered turns out to be wrong. As a result, the money was wrong or failed to be sent. All these problems will be a thing of the past if you use the QR transfer feature from the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application . 

How to Transfer Money Through the QR Transfer Feature on PermataMobile X
The QR transfer feature on Permata Mobile X is very easy and safe to use. The recipient of the money only needs to show the QR Code that was generated from Permata Mobile X to the money sender to be scanned . However, before using the latest features from Permata Mobile X , don’t forget to download or update your Permata Mobile X mobile banking application to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play.

Come on, leave the old way of transferring money in a more practical way using the QR Transfer feature from Permata Mobile X.