No More Need to Go to the Bank, Opening an Online Account is Now Easier

Given the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic that has not yet ended, people’s mobility tends to be limited. These restrictions led to activities that became completely online , especially for shopping for daily needs. On the one hand, online shopping is very easy and practical. However, on the other hand, there is a risk of being extravagant because the temptation is quite large. If left unchecked, of course this can have an adverse impact on financial conditions.

One solution is to open an online account as a special savings account. In the digital era like now, this is certainly easy to do. You can even create a free online account through certain applications! However, is it true that the convenience of online shopping during a pandemic makes people wasteful?

Pandemic, People Want to Save More Interestingly, even though the online
shopping trend is on the rise, customers’ interest in saving has actually increased. This is evidenced by data from Bank Indonesia (BI) which refers to the growth of Third Party Funds (DPK)—current accounts, savings and time deposits—by 11.3% in November 2020 when compared to previous years.

It seems that people have opened their eyes to the importance of managing finances. A pandemic that has no end has certainly greatly affected their source of income. Many entrepreneurs and MSMEs have experienced a decline in income, not to mention the reduction in employees and the company’s bankruptcy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Departing from these conditions, many people are finally starting to diligently manage their finances by creating online savings for emergency funds. 

PermataBank Provides Online Account Opening Facilities
For those of you who want to start saving but have limited mobility, there’s no need to worry because you can open an online account . You also no longer need to bother with traffic jams, heat, rain, or long queues to get banking services at the bank.

By starting the habit of saving, it is hoped that you will be able to manage your finances better. Online savings are present as a “medicine” from online culture which gives a big temptation to keep spending. Because it is online , you can easily save anywhere and anytime!

Just make sure you open a safe and trusted online account like Permata ME from Permata Bank. There are various supporting features that will make it easier for you to do banking transactions, including of course saving.

Open a PermataME Online Account via PermataMobile X
To support the ease of saving activities, Permata Bank answers the needs of the community by providing free online account opening facilities  for Permata ME via Permata Mobile X. 

Permata Mobile X is a mobile banking application made by Permata Bank which is equipped with hundreds of banking features. Through this application, you can not only open a Permata ME online account , but also perform other banking activities such as transfers, paying credit card installments, and investing. Everything can be done easily because Permata Mobile X also comes with a user friendly interface.

Complete all the requirements
Before registering for Permata ME online savings , make sure you meet the necessary requirements. This requirement is in the form of an identity card (KTP) for Indonesian citizens. Next, you have to download the Permata Mobile X application on the Play Store or App Store.

Then, select the Permata ME option at PermataStore and you will be asked to fill in all the information needed to open a free online account . Follow the next steps according to the instructions and you will immediately get the Permata ME exclusive debit card .

Opening an online account is the most appropriate answer to continue to get banking convenience amidst difficult conditions. Financial management is also made easier with online savings such as Permata ME which you can access from anywhere and anytime.