Online investment at PermataMobile X

Investment is now an important thing to do, especially in planning for our future. The variety of investment instruments to choose from is also very varied and can be adjusted according to your needs and risk profile. Likewise with the investment process, now you no longer need to contact the stock exchange office to get the latest information.

Even now, you can make investments easily and practically through Permata Mobile X from Permata Bank. Permata Mobile X  is a mobile banking application that has hundreds of features in one application, including online investment services. How does online investment work through the Permata Mobile X application ?

Practical Investment Anywhere
It’s not uncommon for people to be reluctant to invest because they think that the investment process is too complicated and difficult to learn. With the Permata Mobile X application , this problem can be solved immediately.

Because the investment process through the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application is very easy and does not take long. You don’t even need to come to the branch office to be able to buy a new issuer. Only with an internet network, you can invest anytime and anywhere, all in the palm of your hand. You can even register for a Single Investor ID (SID) directly at Permata Mobile  X.

Investment in Mutual Funds starting from IDR 100,000
Mutual funds are one of the investment instruments that are suitable for novice investors. One of them, because mutual funds are easy to manage and you will be assisted by Investment Management (MI). At Permata Mobile X mobile banking , you can find a wide selection of mutual fund products from various trusted MI’s. You just have to choose a product that suits your investment objectives and risk profile. Interestingly, the price offered is very affordable. Customers can even start buying mutual funds from just IDR 100,000!

How to Invest in Mutual Funds Online at PermataMobile X
After knowing the convenience and benefits of investing through Permata Mobile X , here’s how you can follow it:

  • Log in to Permata Mobile X.
  • Enter the PermataStore menu .
  • Select the ‘banking’ menu .
  • Select the ‘mutual fund’ menu .
  • Choose the mutual fund product you want and follow the purchase instructions until it’s finished.

For those of you who don’t have a Permata Mobile X user ID , you can register using your Permata Bank account number or credit card . Meanwhile, for those of you who don’t have a Permata Bank account or credit card , you can apply directly online at Permata Mobile X. Practical, right?

By utilizing online investment services available in the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , all stages of investment can be carried out more easily, from SID registration, purchase to switching. Not only investing online, in Permata Mobile X mobile banking there are also #There are hundreds of other features that can make all your banking transactions easier. For further information and assistance regarding online investment features and other Permata Mobile X  features, you can contact Permata Tel at 1500-111.