Open an Online Savings Account at PermataMobile X

Want to open a savings account but lazy to go to the bank to stand in line? With the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application, we can open a Permata Bank savings account online , the process itself is easy and fast!

Open Savings without going to a branch office
Permata Mobile X has hundreds of features to make all customer transactions easier. One such feature is the feature to open a savings account online . With this feature, you don’t need to go to the nearest branch office just to open a savings account. Simply download the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , select the savings product you want, prepare your e-KTP, and fill out the form completely. 

Various Savings Options and Attractive Promos
Permata Bank has a variety of savings options that have been tailored to your needs. These various savings options are available and can be selected on the PermataStore menu in the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application .

Another advantage is that you can enjoy free of charge for cash withdrawals at all ATMs both domestic and overseas with the VISA/PLUS logo (for a minimum pre-transaction balance of IDR 1 million) and free administration fees and free online transfer fees via Permata Mobile X , Permata Net , and ATMs.

Apart from Permata ME , there are also free Permata Savings products which are profitable for daily needs. You can get 5% cashback for every transaction at gas stations and supermarkets with a total cashback of up to IDR 500,000 every month. Complete information about the promo you can check here.

You can also enjoy free online transfer fees via Permata Mobile X , Permata Net and ATM (if the balance before the transaction is a minimum of Rp. 5 million) and free of administration fees every month (if the average balance in the previous month was a minimum of Rp. 5 million).

How to Open an Online Savings Account via PermataMobile X
The process of opening a savings account through Permata Mobile X is very easy, fast and practical. You just follow the steps below:

  • Download Permata Mobile X from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Open the app, select ‘start’.
  • Select ‘no’ for the question “Do you have a Permata Bank account?”.
  • You will be directed to enter the Permata Store menu to select the savings product you want to have.
  • Prepare your e-KTP and follow the instructions for filling out the form until it’s finished.

For more information, you can contact Permata Tel at 1500-111.

Through the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application , opening a savings account is now easy and fast, because the whole process of opening a savings account can now be done 100% online .

Apart from opening an online savings account, #AdaHundreds of other features at Permata Mobile X make it easy for all your banking transactions, such as applying for KTA, credit card applications, to investments which of course can also be done online . What are you waiting for? Download Permata Mobile X and open a Permata Bank savings account now!