Transactions are Easier with e-Wallet Top Up at PermataMobile X

Every month, there are usually many needs that must be met, starting from household needs, kitchen needs. Moreover, there are also other additional needs that are no less important such as body care, hobby needs, etc. As a result, expenses are likely to increase.

However, unlike 2-3 years ago where you could freely shop outside your home, now the atmosphere has changed slightly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything becomes limited and many activities are carried out more often at home. Even so, transaction matters to meet needs do not have to stop. Now you can use a digital wallet or e-Wallet . 

Not only offering contactless payments, e-Wallet also has many advantages for its users. Moreover, currently top-up e-Wallet balances can be done easily via the Permata Mobile X mobile banking application . Come on, get to know more about what an e-Wallet is , its benefits, and how to easily top up an e-Wallet via Permata Mobile X !

What are e-Wallets?
E-Wallet or electronic wallet is a digital wallet that functions like a conventional wallet, namely to store money and complete payment transactions. It’s just that the money stored in the e-Wallet is a digital balance.

Currently, there are many e-wallet applications in Indonesia. Along with its increasingly rapid development, the government then issued regulations regarding the legality of e-Wallet as a legal payment method. You can also use e-Wallet to make various transactions whenever and wherever you are very easily!

Practical Transactions Using e-Wallet During a Pandemic
E-Wallet or digital wallet offers advantages in terms of ease and practicality of use. In an increasingly advanced era, people don’t want the hassle of processing various transactions, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. If in the past people had to leave their homes and stand in line to buy household needs, now you can buy them online and pay for them using an e-Wallet .

Because there is no need to leave the house, transactions using e-wallets also tend to be safer, especially if payment transactions are made in large quantities. So you don’t need to bring a lot of money to complete payment transactions directly. E-Wallet is also usually accompanied by a PIN that only the user knows so that security is guaranteed.

Another advantage of e-Wallet is that it has a history of payment transactions that have been recorded automatically. Thus, your expenses and income each month will be more controlled. No need to be confused anymore where the money that has been planned before. Whether it’s for buying household needs or buying hobby needs, everything is neatly recorded!

Top Up e-Wallet Easily with the PermataMobile X Application
As a digital wallet, e-Wallet also needs to be topped up or top up , just like when conventional wallets run out of money. Then, how?

Now, e-Wallet top ups can be done easily because of the presence of the Permata Mobile X application !

Permata Mobile X is a mobile banking application from PermataBank that can be accessed via smartphone anytime and anywhere. Not only practical, Permata Mobile X also provides a transaction history that can make it easier for you when you want to check transactions. In fact, you can check mutations with a period of up to twelve months!

Apart from controlling your finances, Permata Mobile X also provides more than 200 features that make your online transactions easier , from transfers, investments, applying for credit cards and KTA, QR Pay, and many more. 

That’s an explanation about e-Wallet along with its advantages and easy top up methods via Permata Mobile X , a mobile banking application from PermataBank. What are you waiting for? Facilitate your online payment transactions every month via e-Wallet and top up funds quickly and practically at Permata Mobile X !