Who is Representing Johnny Depp? The Law Firm Behind the Actor

who is johnny depp\’s law firm

One of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Johnny Depp has been in the public eye for decades. But despite his fame, the actor has been facing some legal troubles in recent years. In response, he has enlisted the help of a powerful law firm to represent him in various matters.

The firm in question is Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, LLP (BHDRLF&G). Founded in 1999, the firm is made up of some of the most renowned attorneys in the entertainment industry. Located in Los Angeles, the firm focuses on representing high-profile clients in the fields of entertainment, media, and sports.

The firm has been representing Depp since 2019, when he was embroiled in a legal dispute with his former business managers. BHDRLF&G was instrumental in helping Depp win the case, which resulted in the actor being awarded $25 million in damages.

Since then, BHDRLF&G has continued to represent Depp in various matters, including his ongoing defamation lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sun. The firm is also currently representing Depp in his legal battle against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accused the actor of domestic violence in 2016.

In addition to their work with Depp, BHDRLF&G has represented a number of other high-profile clients, including Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., and Lady Gaga. The firm has also represented some of the biggest names in sports, such as NBA star LeBron James and NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

With its impressive roster of clients, it’s no surprise that BHDRLF&G has become one of the most sought-after law firms in the entertainment industry. With their help, Johnny Depp is sure to have the best legal representation possible as he navigates his ongoing legal battles.